Running For Breast Cancer Research

There is a foundation called the Donna Foundation that has donated almost $1.2 million dollars to the Mayo Clinic. The Running for Breast Cancer Research event is held each year in Jacksonville, Florida. The organization was named after news anchor Donna Deegan, a three time breast cancer survivor.

These  funds that have helped the Mayo Clinic create the Breast Center Translational Genomics Program that looks around the world at every gene and protein related to breast cancer. This information will help drive breast cancer research to individualize treatment for patients and to develop new therapies.

Let’s end breast cancer by 2020 in this country. Many are sick of the disease and the losses. We have to demand more answers.

The next marathon is Febr. 17, 2013. If this is not transparency, I don’t know what is.

The Mayo Clinic is located in Rochester, MN, Jacksonville, Fl, and in Scottsdale, Arizona. They are leaders in breast cancer research in this country.