Saving A Buck Or A Couple Of Bucks

DNT-I think you can advertise an item for free still if it is under $100.00. You use to have to fax it into the Duluth News Tribune. Call. It never hurts to ask.

Craigs List:  www.Craigslist is free advertising. It is rather simple to add things. If it free go to the free section.

E-Bay you can still sell items.


Clean and Purge: Get rid of  the junk in your house.

Unhealthy Kitchen Items and More: You should get rid of aluminum pans, tefelon pans, certain types of plastics  and even worn out linens. Younkers is having their Community Day Sale this Friday and Saturday. If you buy a coupon book for a $5.00 donation to a non-profit, you can get some items for a steal.

Kitchen Gadgets: Get rid of  those odd ball kitchen gadgets, a young person might use these. If they haven’t been used in 2 years, purge.

Wire Coat Hangers: Get rid of wire coat hangers, may a church needs them.  Maybe a dry cleaner will take them. Maybe even a laundromat.

Old cell phones: Safe Haven Shelter in Duluth takes them.

Hobbies and Projects:  If you have never completed. Give them away to someone else.

Old Gym Equipment: Buy a new diet book, equipment or passes to the gym.

Shred Those Old Bills: Why do we need old bill

A Re-Gift Box: What about that Christmas gift you will never use? What about that shirt your husband bought you, who has no taste?Make a Re-Gift Box. Gives these items to charities, teachers relatives that live far away, to a church rummage sale. You can save them for  that popular holiday dice game or even use them for Bunco.

Old Glasses:  Old glassescan be donated to maybe the Lions. Better check on this one. This is stored in my attic or way back in my brain cells.

Have a Cheap Yard Sale. Mark everything a $1.00, and it will fly out of your yard like no tomorrow. Advertise it $1.00 Days! Send the kids out to sell popcorn and sell things for a buck. Yes, just like a Buck a Duck.

Give relatives, friends, and loved ones those family heirlooms early. This way you will know that it arrived in their hands.

You don’t want to be a hoarder like those television shows. God forbit someone would have a sale with all that stuff in your house.

Give those boxes of receipes away. This will allow you to buy more receipe books for some great reading material.

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