Transparency, Research, Donations

In this day and age transparency is very important.

There are non-profits that raise money for salaries and services. There are non-profits that raise money for clients needs. There are non-profits that are only volunteer based providing everything for free. Years ago all non-profits were volunteer based.

There are non-profits and for profits, foundations that raise money for a specific cause, even though they know they can get the items donated. That is not transpancy. It ‘s “word play.”

It is important to hold foundations, for profit organizations, and non-profits accountable and for transprency. When you know of clients who have never received the kind of funding they are asking for you, you should speak up.

What I like about the National Breast Cancer Coation is the transparency. The want to end breast canaer by the year 2020. Go to their website to check it out at:

The Deparment of Defense Breast Cancer Research Funding program is totally transparent. Check out the website at: Every funded researcher reports the result at the Era of Hope conference held every three years. Less than 10% goes toward program administration. Did you know that since’s over $28 million has been awarded to researchers in Minnesota? A lot of breast cancer research has been done at the Mayo Clinic, and the Universisty of Minnesota from this program.

I can’t speak to Susan Komen Research in Minnesota. I know they give a lot of money to mammograms through the Sage Program in our state. I don’t mean just a little but a lot.

Free mammograms are funded through the MN Health Department/Sage thanks to Komen. There are patients who are younger who have symptoms who are also covered through a special program by Komen as well. ACS or American Cancer pays for low cost mammograms for folks who do not qualify for the above program.  There is another cancer organization that nationally raises money for mammograms.

Circle of Hope has been called about covering mammograms when they don’t cover them and money has been given by others to the clinic for that cause. (Employees and patients of the clinic call!)

Have you had your recent mammogram? Have you had a mammogram?

There are so many people turning up in this country with colon cancer because they didn’t have a colonoscopy. Have you had your colonoscopy? Do you have a family history of colon cancer? Colon cancer is preventable!

Research, ask for accountability. Expect transparency.