Heart Attack Proof By Dr. Michael Ozner

It sure seems like more people are having stint , open heart surgery, heart attacks and what not. Even younger people are having these surgeries. Am I getting older or is it happening to more people? (Gosh, I am another year older next week, and I am still kicking and screaming. Yes, I am on the green side.)

Did you know that Dr. Ozner’s book says we have the tools to prevent coronary heart disease. He guides you in a six week journey on how to change your naughty ways by taking a vacation with a Mediterranean Vacation from our toxic American diet. He talks about preservative laden foods in the American diet. Skip those canned goods and unnatural foods. One should eat oatmeal, grilled salmon, fresh fruit, get fit for life. He talks about exercise being medicine.

I was thinking about all the salt in the lobster tail I ate in a restaurant on Easter. I could hardly choke it down. I could feel my face getting red, my blood pressure increasing. I knew at that moment, I should of made Easter dinner.

Did you know that stress and anger increase the release of the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline. They have an effect on increasing your blood pressure, blood sugar, your cholesterol, and even make your platelets sticky.  A stress relief program is really important.

Too much beef is bad for you. Remember the saying,  “Where is the beef?” Instead, state, “Goodbye Beef, You’re Killing Me.”  

You need to eat whole grains, fresh fruits and veggies, take CQ10 and make sure your vitamin D level are in the normal range.

Skip the high fructose corn syrup that is in ketchup and other foods.

Heart Attack Proof is a book by Dr. Ozner. This is a great book for only $19.95. It is available through Life Extensions. If you are a member it is only $14.95. www.LifeExtension.com or call 1.800.544.4440.