Scams & Spams

There are way too many spams and scams going on. Someone wrote me an e-mail that was a spam, making it sound sincere that she was helping a breast cancer patient. Totally not true. The event is not happening and besides that her return e-mail was bogus. You can reverse Ip addresses, reverse e-mails and so much more.

There are people going in and asking for donations because they are having a fundraiser because of  a bogus reason. Merchants are getting frustrated. Really, there are scams. If they are not involved with a bank or a legitimate organization they may be questionable. Benefits that are for the named person on the poster can be real but some are not real.

There are people who make it sound like they are raising money for their non-profit when they are really raising money for their own salary, saying they will be providing services.  Believe me there is a lot of money laundering going on in this town as well.

There are people who have lied and said they wanted a donation as they were having a benefit in a town, and it is bogus. There is no benefit when you check with the media sources.

There are people figuring out how they can make money off of breast cancer patients and organizations left and right. About two weeks ago I got a call form a made up organization asking me for money for a breast cancer organization for mammograms. Never heard of the organization. I googled it, and it was a bogus organization.

There are bogus e-mails  hitting peoples computers every day as well as bogus mail coming in the mail.

Be Careful. Don’t be gullible.