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What is the Commonwealth Fund? It is a private foundation established in 1918 to promote high performing health care systems.

American Cancer is going to conduct a 20 year study with up to 300,000 people to learn more about disease that half of Minnesota men and a third of Minnesota women contract. Go to this website to be part of this 20 year study:

Obama Health Care: For years our grown children could not get health insurance due to their jobs, college status or age. With Obama Care, I know my son got health insurance after 10 years of not having health insurance. It has been really nice for him to seek medical care with his minimal health issues.  

At the same time, I know many folks still being discriminated against because of pre-existing conditions. Many of them have very unaffordable health insurance and pay high co-pays of $3500.00-$10,000.00. One wonders when they will get relief? These middle class Americans are becoming bankrupt because of health insurance. 

The Health Insurance Crisis in The United States: The Duluth News Tribune quotes that retired Dr. Schoenfleder made a coment in context,  “50 million Americans remain without health insurance.” He also stated in the next two years that will be reduced by sixty percent.

In another article I stated that some 1500 people are dying every day of cancer. I could look back on the exact amount but it is neither here nor there. We have not ended the war on cancer. 

-We have wasted uncountable amounts of resources.

-We have found some cures and some treatments but folks are still dying. When will we be looking at how we spend our money?

-Will it be when all the resources are gone or we are bankrupt as a country?

-Should we be looking at the pink slime in hamburgers, the ammonia, the bleached chicken?  The chemicals that go into these bodies is unbelievable. When will all this be addressed? By that I mean all the toxins in our environment.

Today in Sundays papaper is a colum on page A6 about Duluth’s health care strengths and weaknesses. It’s on what causes Duluth to be ranked high and low. I know older people have less money but those people who are before Medicare age are being taken to the cleaners. I have to pay so much for insurance, a single policy of almost $700.00 a month with $27.00 for every office visit and the list goes on. I have a husband who is Medicare age so I see the stark difference in what younger people play and what Medicare patients pay. Baa, Baa.

The paper today mentioned what causes Duluth to be in the bottom categories. What struck my mind was healthy lives. Here is what is in the bottom 25% in Duluth that is causing me to pay attention. This is especially so because we spend so much money in these areas.

Breast Cancer deaths per 100,000 females population is 36.1. That means we are just a little over the bottom 25% in preventing breast cancer death in Duluth, MN.

-What can be done differently? How should cancer treatment money be spent? We all know we are from northern MN and it is higher in the northern states. What is the cause of breast cancer? Unfortunately we do not know the causes of 90-95% of breast cancer? 

– Should treatments be different? By that I mean, more diagnosing, less radiation or less chemo? Do we have too much radiation in our environment?

-Should there be lifestyle changes? Do more females or their parents smoke and drink in Duluth, MN? I know I grew up with parents who smoked almost 24/7. They were chain smokers. I didn’t smoke.

-Is it more cultural, more Scandinavian, or polish families? Think about some of the foods we ate as kids, Spam, pickled pigs feet, pickled eggs, and so much more.  Do we eat more toxins? Ingest more chemicals?

Are there more chemicals in our homes? There are so many breast cancer patients who clean homes for a living and have gotten breast cancer.

 Do we use more toxic make- up at a younger age?

Are we exposed to more toxins as female babies?  As I always use to say, cause = affect or effect. 

Suicide is another one. Suicide deaths per 100,000 populations is 20.6. That is way below 25%.

I know through the years I have had formers students die of suicide, including one of my brothers. It seems more males.

-The question is why? What is being done? What hasn’t been done? What can the schools do? What can the medical profession do better? What life style changes can be made? What changes can be made in our communities?