Please Write Your Representative


 Dear Chip Cravaack,

We are writing to see if you will show your support for ending breast cancer by signing the letter to the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee Chairman Young and Ranking Member Dicks calling for $120 million-level funding-in appropriations for the Department of Defense Peer-Reviewed Breast Cancer Research Program for the Fiscal Year 2013.

 The deadline for signing this is Friday, March 16. Please call or e-mail the health legislative assistants as soon as possible.

As you may recall from past years, this funding is NOT a bill. It is part of the Defense Department Appropriations & therefore we must ask for funding each year.

The program is totally transparent, accountable, and efficient. Information about EVERY funded grant is available at Every researcher must publicly report the results of their recently funded research at the Era of Hope conference, which is held every three years.

 The program is efficient because less than 10% goes for program administration.

 For further Information about the National Breast CancerCoalition, which advocated each year for this program, go to:


Sign your name, address, etc.