Vitamins And Minerals Part 2-Iron And Fish Oil

Depleted Iron Levels: I can remember when a friend was depleted from Iron. She has to go in the hospital for Iron transfusions.

The Role of Iron in Your Body: Iron is important to build up your brain, organ, body, and can impact your liver.

Vegans and Iron: Vegans often need to take iron. Anemic women and people with gastro problems often need to take it. Don’t take iron unless you have been tested and know that you have a deficiency.

The Role of Iron: Iron has an effect on  absorption, can effect your thyroid, has an effect on antibiotics, and even play a role in osteoporosis.

Sources of Iron:  fish, red meat, poultry.

High Quality Omegaa 3:  High quality fish oil is good for your eyes and can lower high triglyceride levels. You don’t want to take to much unless it is for a specific purpose. You need high quality fish oil. I know mine has olive oil in it among other items and is from Life Extensions.  Fish Oil is thought to lower your blood pressure and even reduce the chance of a heart attack.

Fish Oil Smell: If the omega smells or you burp it, you can put them in the freezer. Then take it with plenty of fluid.

Other Great Sources of Omega 3’s: -halibut, salmon, sardines.