Should The Government Control Our Dietary Supplements

The FDA has proposed a New Dietary Ingredient guidelines that will not allow Americans to take effective nutrients that have helped many people. There has been a lot of private research on supplements and since it is not government controlled research, they want to control over the counter nutrients. In fact, they want to turn supplements into prescription drugs. This is a way they can make more money off of us.

The medical instrustry has gone crazy in this country. There are people who can’t take their drugs because they can’t afford to have them re-filled. Make supplements into prescriptions, and then they will never ever be able to afford them.

Drugs, physician costs, and medical institutions are all different expenses.

There is a lot of drug research that is not completed because of the years it takes to complete it and it is  expense.

There is a book by William Faloon called Pharmocracy that talks how corrupt deals and misguided medical regulations are bankrupting America, and what we can do about it as citizens.

1-800-54440 or

It costs only $8.00.

I say don’t let the government steal your supplements.

If we do stay healthy, we don’t need drugs. Unfortunately some of us are not healthy. In fact, some of the prescriptions are making us sicker as Americans.