Causes Of Kidney Stones

You should try to catch your kidney stone in a strainer and bring it to the lab for testing. A well balanced diet is so important.

There are different causes of kidney stones according to the Mayo Clinic (

1.Calcium Stones. These are often from eating a lot of fruit, vegetables, nuts and chocolate. Did you know that high doses of vitamin D can cause calcium stones? So far, knock on wood, that has not happened to me. Did you know that you liver can cause you to produce oxalate and you can get kidney stones?There are other causes for calcium stones.

2.Struvite Stones. These are caused from a urinary track infection.

3.Uric Acid Stones. These are caused by a high protein diet, could be a genetic cause, and from being dehydrated.

4.Cysteine Stones. These occur in a small percentage of the cases. It is usually a hereditary cause. It can be caused from excessive amino acids in your diet (foods)

5.There are other causes.