Rain, Snow, Cracks, Ice

I emptied some recycle and fell on the ice by the recycle can.  Luckily my knee cap didn’t break. I try to recycle everything I can, and it has been quite the job. My husband complains that I am a Recycle Sargent.

Later in the day, I went to buy stamps at the P.O. and while attending to get in the car, I feel into a crack, twisting my ankle on my bad foot. I will be lucky if I didn’t sprain it, as it still hurts. This is the foot and ankle that has a real HISTORY.  I have been careful for many years, going slowly about my daily tasks. I have known that I am an accident waiting to happen. The city has some really bad cracks in the road and even the sidewalks. I am younger, and I have to be careful. I can’t imagine, if I was a senior citizen. The roads and sidewalks are an accident waiting to happen.

Then I went to get the mail out of my mail box and water had leaked off the roof into the mailbox,  and most of the mail was wet today. This must mean that I need to move my mailboxes.

First it rains, then it snows, then it pours.

I want Sunshine. Where are you Mr. Sunshine? Mrs. Sunshine? It was fun to have snow, but it is not fun to have ice and melting snow.