Saving Money In 2011

Soon it will be January 1, 2012 and donations will have to be made by that deadline. Charitable donations are only important if you itemize your deductions (home mortgage, interest, etc.) For a couple it is $11,600.00 for the year 2011 and for a single person it is $5,800.00.

You can donate clothes and other items to places like Damino, Goodwill, Savers, and even Circle of Hope. Circle of Hope is only taking new or like new clothing for a sale on March 31st. The items can be dropped off March 30th in the morning at The Coppertop Church, downstairs for a receipt. If you want the receipt for this year, we only take clothes and accessories. To get the receipt and drop off you would have to write Peggy at Remember to get a donation, you can only deductive the fair market value. Taxes want the worth figured out.

It’s not too late to give to churches. Just stick it in the mail and mail it to your church office.

Safe Haven Shelter takes cell phones but you have to find a drop off site, usually a SuperOne Grocery Stores.  I would suggest calling first as some of the bins are missing in the stores. Be a superman like the TV ad. Fly in and drop off your donation.

It’s not too late to support poverty in our city and region.  There are many organizations still willing to take your checks before the first of the year: Chum, Union Gospel Mission, Salvation Army, and the Damino Center.