Fighting Colds

Don’t you  wonder why some people get colds and others don’t?

I know I take green tea pills and garlic pills ( I’ve been lax recently on these recdently.), and I think it builds up my immune system. We have salmon once a week because it is full of omega-3 fatty acids and of course Vitamin D. 

For me drinking one glass of OJ a day helps with my potassium level due to one of my blood pressure medicines. I would think it would be good for preventing colds.

I have to admit I am not big on carrots, bell peppers, and squash for beta carotene. I do eat broccoli and sweet potatoes once in awhile.

I have been trying to cut down on regular yogurt binging. Nonfat Greek Yogurt is suppose to be good for boosting the immune system.

Some people take Zinc when they feel they have a cold coming on. The Mayo Clinic thinks it is one way to prevent colds or at least lessen them. 

It is important to sleep well ,so you don’t get run down.

Some people feel exercise raises your cortisol level which causes your immune system to not get run down.

Always wash your hands. This time of year too many people want to shake your hand at church and other events.

Drink plenty of water to be hydrated. I think it is like flushing the bacteria out of your body.

I know we always have a flu shot in the fall.

Check out this website for more flu information.

Cold Symptoms: usually no fever, sometimes a headache, may be tired, can come on over a period of days,  you may have a sore throat. You could have a dry cough, may have mucous, may have a runny nose, postnasal drip. You body could ache. You could feel sluggish.

Flu Symptoms: fever, over 102 degrees, body hurts, comes on right away, very noticabley sick feeling. You may have a dry hoarse or raspy cough, you could have chills, nasal congestion.

Did you know that honey can calm a night time cough and sometime helps throat ulcers? Actually there are some honeys that are better than others.