You Gotta Dance Like No One Is Dancing

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Stories of Hope, Humor and Inspiration by two-time cancer survivor, two time national ballroom champion and a renowned philanthropist, Lester H. Smith. Lester has gone 17 rounds with cancer-has beaten the odds time and time again. Today he has committed himself to supporting breast cancer organizations that were nominated for the Pink Well Challenge. It was discussed on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. A self-made success and born risk taker, this book contains 18 personal stories from a true Texas original, including side splitting accounts of Lester Smith’s exciting life and plenty of hard earned life lessons. Woven throughout are his colorful perspectives on overcoming obstacles, beating the odds and realizing the joy of paying it forward.

He is helping Circle of Duluth located out of Duluth, MN. This is Lester H. Smith owner of the pink oil well in Texas. You can help Texas style.

Each time he gets knocked down, Lester Smith comes back fighting harder. He has learned to never give up, but to give back, in ways small and large, and to love every moment that he has.

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