Interesting Websites

I have to admit I saw this in the paper and thought it would be a great linked article. Short on Cash? There are eight ways to help others this season. I have to admit I in box was filled with Cyber Monday shopping, and I deleted it all. Some could of been really bogus, other sites could have been legit. I read in the paper this a.m. about some of the bogus Internet trafficking that has been going on.

Shop on line at and give donate a portion to charity.

We are a chartity, Circle of Hope. Donate by credit card to Circle of Hope,

Designate where you want your money to go to when submitting the credit card transaction. We serve northern MN and northern Wisconsin and only specific causes: breast cancer treatment bills (our main mission), dragon boat fees, operating fees, support group fees for advertising, or helping breast cancer patients in other ways.

If you are getting married or hitched consider creating a gift registry, invitations, party favors that benefit charitable organizations. Of course, we hope you would create one for us. Remember Circle of Hope located out of Duluth, MN serving northern MN and northern Wisconsin with breast cancer treatment bills based on need. The money is paid directly to the provider. (We don’t raise money for salaries.)

Kindness Chain: Request a free Youmanity Token. Register it on the website, hand them the token and ask that they do the same. Follow the kindess chain around the country.

Shoes and tennis shoes in the closet? Go to I know that Tortoise and Hair Shoe Store in the west end collects these. Check with them first to see if they are doing this fundraiser this year.

Spare Business Apparel? Go to for men’s clothing  or for women’s clothing. I know that the Damino Center in Duluth also looks for these items for job interviews. Call them first.

Stuffed Animals? I remember we use to give our very gently used toys to the Union Gospel Mission in Duluth. We even gave away a few antiques. You should check with them first. Have those kids clean out their toys first before getting new ones for the holidays. or is another organization.

Volunteer? The Salvation Army needs your help. Just call your local Salvation Army and see how you can make a difference in the lives of others. If you want to volunteer locally, call your United Way Organizatin or check out their website. or

Other sources of helping out: