Food Gifts And More

At Festival of Trees one vendor was called called Spirit Lake Native Products. They were from Sawyer, MN, and you could buy wild rice and pure maple syrup in a gift box. I remember getting this as a gift one year. There is nothing like real, pure maple syrup and of course real wild rice. My husband picked up some pre-made wild rice salad all ready made and yuck. Homemade is always better. Check out their website at:

Sometimes there is some new businesses trying to make a go of it. For example, another was called Enchanted Bloms by Scrap ‘n Knit. They create unique, handcrafted headpieces that leave you enchanted. I guess their website doesn’t work. You could write them at


There is a couple from Superior that sells Watkins Products. You can get those big bottles of extracts for that rock candy. They carry so many kinds of products from small bottles to big bottles. Watkins products also carries spices, dessert and frosting mixes, household baking supplies, snack and dip mixes, sauce mixes, all natural grape seed oil, hand and body lotion, hand creams, sun care creams, healthy beauty products. Yes, they carry peppermint foot care, body oils, remedies for those so inclined. They have dish soaps and all those household items for a healthier home. Their phone number is 1.715.394.6185. I picked up their flyer to look at it in more detail, I have to admit, I have wondered about these products. I know three breast cancer patients who clean houses with unhealthy products.  Choose healthy products for a better life plan.