Prostate Cancer

Some of the guys and their wives from the Cloquet prostate cancer group traveled to Grand Rapids yesterday for a conference on the topic.

There is also a group in Grand Rapids that provides mutual help, is confidential, shares information and concerns about diagnosis and treatment, is a sharing time with those who have had similar experiences, will talk about problems  that couples have, supports those needing support as well as mutual friendship. It is surprising that they don’t have a prostate group in Duluth.

On the national for front men are angered by the fact that they want to cut PSA screening from Medicare. We all know if the screenings are not paid for, men would choose to not do them. It’s hard enough trying to get men to go in for a physical or even to the doctor.  

The government is forgetting that not all prostate cancer is slow growing, some is very aggressive and many men die. This delicate topic is one that men don’t take lightly, it is a sensitive topic, the treatments can be radical and cause life inflicting problems.

Men are not as verbal about this topic ,and they are starting to get angered by those in high places wanting to sweep this disease under the rug. Many of these same men have never been that happy that it is all about the pink ribbon and not the blue ribbon. There is genetic prostate cancer and high risk prostate cancer.

Men also carry around a lot of hidden fear over getting a recurrence, dying from the disease, if they made the right choice after being diagnosed and treated from prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer is an expensive disease and is costing Medicare a lot of money, that’s why they want to cut the screenings. They forget that not all is slow growing, some men would never be screened and would die from the disease.

Some of their websites:

If diagnosed with prostate cancer, get a book, pick up pamphlets, learn all there is to learn about the disease before you make a choice in treatments. Listen to your doctor but share your concerns. Ask for stastics, facts, figures, and learn the problems that can occur.  This is a man’s disease, learn about it, even before it happens.