Funerals And More Funerals

The other day we drove to the cities for a funeral. The leaves had all changed colors, and it was so beautiful. Fall is my favorite season of the year. Can you believe it, we didn’t see one deer. Did you kow that 33,000 deer have been hit in Minnesota in the past year? We saw other dead animals on the road, skunk, raccoon. The road construction really was not that bad going to the cities and back the next day.

We went to one of the largest Lutheran Churches in the cities that has 9 ministers. In their last years confirmation class, 189 students were confirmed. 

 We ended coming back with two relatives to have buried on Friday. One was born in Proctor, Jim’ s aunt, age 92. The other was her son who died in 2006 but he had not been buried. It seems like a lot of people are dying in our lives recently. I know they didn’t all eat listeria laden cantaloupe! Many are dying of cancer, congestive heart failure, and such.  That’s why I say raise hell while you can.

One of the spouses from the crematarion who had had stage III colon cancer told me, the creatorians are always getting cancer patients who died from chemo. I thought that was an interesting throught. People do what they can to survive and live as long as they can. If that is true, then we need to find other treatments. Find the cause, not work on perfecting deadly treatments. Many peoples lives are saved from the treatments or maybe they have a stronger immune system. Others die from the treatments.

Each day is a gift.