Dragon Boat Races

More money needs to be raised for heart disease, a killer in this country. Heart education, reducing obesity, and eating healthy is so important. There are many times that heart disease is a silent killer. People are dying from it like flies in the summer time.

How much money was raised for funds to support the patient navigators salary and survivorship education this year at the Dragon Boat Festival? $67,000.00 in 2011.  It would be great to see a break down of where it all went through the years in detail.The total states in today’s paper that since it began is raised $533,000. 

Essentia has continued to help the Rotary by being a charitable sponsor of the festival. Sponsorships are important, and they are what make the festival possible or any fundraising event.

In 2005 the money went to the Red Cross which was six years ago.  I was a one year cancer survivor at the time.

The money through the years goes to benefit cancer related programs, services and equipment.  One team even counts the money they raised for the Red Cross in their total raised for breast cancer, come on. These are two different organizations.

Next years event is August 24-25 2012.

Essentia Health Foundation is the charity partner. Fundraising for Essentia is a team or individual choice. Racing and having fun is important. Celebrating life is just as important.

Some folks are getting tired of the funeral aspect (rose petal dropping) of the festival, talking about some people who didn’t even die of breast cancer, or who died long ago. It was specified that it was teammates that died in the past year.  Essentia had it scheduled, and it occurred in confusion at three points. It was listed in the paper as part of the Opening Ceremony ( It didn’t happen), then two teams dropped out rose petals out of their boats (Other teams were done over at that time.), and then there was the actual event and some people didn’t show up, as they thought it already occurred. Kim Storm still did a great job of singing two great songs though.

The event should be a celebration and a time to have fun! Not a funeral.

Some folks are getting tired of one team getting so much PR when the people who raised the most money individually are on other teams.


The event is organized by Superior Rotary Club, Duluth Harbortown Rotary Club and Superior Sunrise Centennial Rotary Club.  All money raised from fees and by the Rotary goes back into our communities for youth programs in Duluth and Superior. I once wrote an article about where it all went, and it was enough to blow you away.