Chester Bowl Fall Fest

It’s always great to participate in the Chester Bowl Fall Fest. It was colder than last year. At least it wasn’t windy. There were so many vendors, so much great food, fall decor to purchase.  A lot of vendors know each other so it is fun to see old friends again, chit chat and share lifes beautiful moments.  There are many things that I love about fall. The leaves are starting to fall. I like to see people carrying corn stalks, orange jack-o-lantern type plants. My grandmother use to grow those and have them in her entry way. It reminds me of her. The man next to us bought 5 dozen ears of corn to cut up and freeze. They were interesting folks, both having lost their jobs during these tough times, they make a living doing shows selling spices for mixes.  Some people don’t kick back and sit back. Not them, they work really hard at making a living. 

Later we see people carrying bags of apples, jugs of apple juice, and corn on the cob as they are eating it. Some folks have carmeled apples, friend onion blossoms, more  corn stalk bouquets, and bags of treasuers. Saw a lot of different kinds of dogs today, kids who wanted whatever their parents would buy them.

Fall brings fall festivals, a time to purchase jams, jellies, canned goods, and much more. There were some policitcial booths but mostly crafty booths, home made stuff that people love to treasure. I like to see the new things people have dreamed up, created and are willing to sell.

Uncle Louies generously gave gyros and pop to the police reservists and the other volunteers that work that Chester Bowl Event. They have to be commended for their unselfish acts of kindness.