Norwegian King Coming To Duluth

It was so much fun reading about Eiving Heiberg, CEO of the Songs of Norway International in the paper. We don’t know him, but my husband’s mother was a Heiberg. We have genealogy of Heibergs traced back to Norway, Heiberg relatives living in various places from Norway throughout the United States. In fact, we have relatives that were founders of St. Olaf College, in which our daughter went to for two years, her first two years of college. We have written to our relatives in Norway on the Internet but have not been that organized with genealogy in recent years.

The Heiberg Musuem in Norway is some place we would like to vist someday.

My husbands cousin is a decendant of King Bruce, who was/is related to the late Princess Diane, and her husband. They both were decendants of King Bruce. I actually know that from havig the genealogy book of their children.

Genealogy can be interesting.