Good Will

We can’t forget to help Goodwill Industries in our community. Yesterday I met the public relations specialist from Goodwill in Duluth, and it reminded me more of the vital role they play in our community. They hire the handicapped. We actually had stopped there yesterday when we were bidding some minutes in time. We walked through the store, ran into another retired teacher and laughed, as we told my husband he needed to buy this specific hula skirt. We loved teasing him. They have some untapped treasures down there. Once a year they have jewelery sale of valuables.

Please do drop off your treasured items and items you no longer want. Your stuff is someone elses treasure. Nowdays everyone is re-using, recycling, and donating for a cause. Don’t be wasteful. These folks do give you a receipt that is tax deductible.

Good Will Industries, Vocational Enterprises, Inc.

700 Garfield Avenue

Duluth, MN 55802