Make Your Fall Plans Now

I was thinking about how blessed we are to have Bentleyville in the City of Duluth at BayFront Park. They collect lots of food for the Salvation Army during the Bentlyeville event. I think they start the last weekend in November. (I was thinking about the great work that that the Salvation Army does each year. They are feeding the masses of unemployed in this city. Some people have rose colored glasses on and don’t realize the need that is out there in our very own communities in the region.) We wrap presents at the mall for Kiwanis of Friendly Duluth ( but it is really for the Salvation Army, and it is a lot of fun talking to people.) I know my husbands Amateur Radio Club collects boxes and boxes and boxes of food for the Salvation Army at their holiday party. The Amateur Radio Club is also called The Ham Club (not real Ham). I call certain guys, The McMuffin Club for their coffee clutches.  More organizations shoud help with this project. Some do and many go unrecognized.   We even have Kiwanis  board meetings at the Salavation Army building. Have you ever looked at the Bentleyville website?,

We have so many great things that happen in Duluth, the Christmas City of The North Parade by the City of Duluth, and Festival of Trees ( at the DECC by the Junior League of Duluth. These events are usually the third weekend of November. The Festival of Trees event keeps growing and growing ever year. Certain vendors can’ t get in as they want a wide variety of crafters.  My husband usually does the police reserves for Bayfront and the parade.