For Those Who Write Me

I am sorry if I don’t respond; I do get a lot of E-mails. My mail box gets filled with spam as well.  I am not interested in being a writer other than for Area Voices and The occasional Budgeteer column and my other blogs (when I even have time to write on them). I find it therapeutic and a learning experience to always be reading and writing. We should never stop learning and growing. I haven’t decided what I will be when I grow up!

I write to get health issues across to the public sector and to promote worthy non-profit information from organizations out there. Granted I miss some health issues and some non-profit information. Sometimes I write about other informational issues. It’s a blog; chunks of information on Area Voices that I can can write about in a positive and informational note.

I do appreciate your comments, and I do read them. I am a retired teacher and a volunteer who volunteers 150 per cent of the time. I have no desire to work for money. For those who want to hire me to write, I thank you for the offer, but I am a volunteer, and I work for the good of the whole so to speak.