It’s So Hot, One Could Melt

I can’t believe how warm and humid it seems. Our air conditioner broke.  I think I will go live in the basement like a mole. My pets are even miserable. It’s either raining or hot and humid. I think we will head south in the house. It may be a good day to do the laundry or sort things out in the basement.

I am happy that a neighbors dog who got hit by a car is doing okay. He has a broken pelvis but no brain injury inspite of all the blood.  Two people we know had their cars totalled out in these last two weeks. One was hit by car of a teen who was texting. Another had her car totaled when hit by a vechile farther down our street. Life can be a fleeting glance of what could happen next or what could of happened. We all need to be so aware, watch out for the other guy, the driver, the unknown pet that will pounce into the street or even the child.

Today is a day to celebrate, one dog, two people were not not seriously injured in their car accidents.

I am heading south in the house………………..too hot.