Energy Works, Myofascial Release

Ruth Backlund, BSN has a job on the weekends and evenings called Energy Works. She actually uses the John F. Barnes Approach. (We have relatives with the name Barnes, small world.)

Actually I went to Mexico and California with her aunt when I was in college; I was a younger person then.  Life does come full circle.

Ruth has a job that helps patients in pain with tendinitis, back pain, headaches, scar tissue, restricted motion, neck pain, sports injury, pelvic pain, carpal tunnel pain.

Myofascial release uses gentle myofascial stretching to decrease pain and increase range of motion. (We as cancer patients sure know about that from surgeries, scar tissue and fibrosis.)

Fascia is the tough connective tissue which spreads through out the body in a three dimensional webs from your head to your feet without interruption. Trauma and inflammation can create a binding down of the fascia resulting in excessive pressure on the nerves, muscles, blood vessels, osseous structures and/or organs. She knows from experience about tendinitis and bursitis, as she has walked in those shoes. She tells her story on her brochure.

Her prices are very affordable, $70.00 for a 1 hour session or 1.5 hour session for $100.00.

“Fee The Pain, Look Elsewhere For The Cause”

She also sells nutritional supplements like energy drinks, multivitamins, metabolic enhances, herbal cleanse, and omega 3 (A Advocate)