Went To Eye Doc Today

I just love my eye doctor, Dr. Dan Skorich.  (Don’t tell his wife, Rosie.) Today he gave me three samples of other lubricants for dry eyes besides what I use daily, prescription Restasis. I wonder why some people have such dry eyes and others do not. Some people have serious allergies. I had two tear ducts put in my eyes last year. One is know out. I guess your dry eye condition can worse in the winter when it is really dry in one’s house.  As we get older we start to get cataracts on our eyes.

Eyes are so important. We see the world with them. We see our daily life through these lens. I can’t imagine what life would be like if we could not see all the colors, the changes in the seasons, and the textures that we look at each day. Surely having vision has it’s real advantages. My heart goes out to those with limited vision and those who are blind. We have to be their eyes for them.

I am going back to writing out thank you’s. It is something I did learn from Junior League. We must thank people and appreciate what they have done for us or our organizations. I am glad I can see.