Life In A Messy Garden, Today’s Service

I thought that Pastor Larry did a great job with talking to us about Life is a Messy Garden for todays message in church. The theme was that plants are good and bad, as fruit are good and bad  in the garden. He made the comparison to church, as we have  saints and sinners in church. He talked about how God will sort out, evaluate and judge but not today. As a church though we can’t sort out the good and bad apples or the weeds from the those that are flourishing plants. We do pull the weeds from our gardens most of the time.

What did I learn? I learned that there are weeds in life. Weeds don’t follow the rules. Some people spend all their time pulling the weeds from their garden. Some of the weeds are good for the birds, it part of God’s plan.

Then I kept thinking about my aunts favorite saying, “The crops you sow are the crops you reap in this life.” If you plant good seeds, good things will grow. Raising our children is never easy and each teen or adult needs to find his or her own way. They all have to find a meaning and purpose in this life.

Larry talked about who calls the harvest good or bad? What is good and what is bad?  He said churches don’t have a security system. Everyone is welcome in the eyes of the church and in God’s plan. God lets everything flourish in life.  We make have a role in controlling the flourishing though or at least I think so.

 We can never forget who we serve at a church, in a community, or as a fellow person in this marvelous universe of ours.

We are the “eyes” that can see “the needs” in this world. We are like corn with many ears. We hear the messages of need. Will we act or will we be passive? Will we be followers of God’s word?

What did the pastor say actually say in detail? What can be really be documented? We as members need to decide if religion is going to church presence or just being spiritually nourished as an individual. On the other hand is it about opening our heart to the world we live in? Should we serve our church, community,  city,  state, country or our world?

God lets weeds grow and plants flourish. Who is the gardener?

Larry also made a comment about being the lattels in Jesus name. We spoon the information of “good will” into the world.

Do we care abut the poor or the homeless? Do we stuff our lives with things, possessions, and money while others are dying and suffering? Do we work to eliminate oppression?

God created animals, gardens, and people in his majesty for a purpose. God’s Gardens are everywhere. In the woods,  messy gardens,  our back yards, or even in the Woodlands gardens can be wild and weedy.  Do we accept everyone for who they are? Do we accept people not based on their gender or the color of their skin? Do we accept people who have different sexual preferences? Who are we to judge and throw the first stone?