My Former Student

I am impressed with many of my former students. One I want to mention is Payton Sullivan. I think of him as very much an entrepreneur.  I think it comes from his upbringing. He owned two video stores, owns one know.  He and his employees are vendors out in the community as well. He manages the car wash and recently started a new business called FIRE-X or is it called HHS, Healthy Home Systems. I asked him what it was all about. Well it is an old fashioned service with today’s technology. There is hood cleaning and fire suppression servicing in restaurants. As far as the household he does air duct cleaning and power washing.

For example, you can get all the ducts cleaned in your house of for $375.00, no matter what the size of your home. (218-390-0628). There are coupons on this flyer for dryer vent cleaning, odor eliminator and enzyme treatment and for  Sun Air Home Air Purifying System.

I know that air polution and sut can make one sick all year long. It also is really bad for those us us who have allergies, asthma, for children and elderly folks.

They seem to clean homes with drywall dust and construction debris in the duct work as well.

They will clean your deck, remove gum and oil stains, paint stains, graffiti removal, paint stripping, RV washing, clean your statues, do heavy equipment cleaning, asphalt and tar removal, and even bird droppings.

They will clean with heat and steam…pools, store fronts, do house washing, parking lots, ramp cleaning, awning cleaning, clean those stinky dumpsters, clean drive though, clean your farm equipment, sports stadiums, pools, clean ice dams, and they even do snow plowing. Wouldn’t you say he is an entrepreneur? He cares about your health, stress, and your property.

I have often worried about dryer vent cleaning, as I see it coming out of my daughter’s window. Well this service reduces the fire risk from the dryer.