What Do The Tea Party People Believe In

I ran across Becky Hall, and she had copies of the Tea Party Citizen’s Pledge. I picked it up to share with you, as it is part of the Norther Liberty Alliance. She also gave me a copy of the constitution.

“I pledge

1.To educate myself about the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

2.To educate myself abouty th ekey issus of health care, spending, deficiets and the economy.

3.To know, with certainity, where the candidates stand on these issues.

4.To help in the campaigns of candidates who best represent my views on the issues.

5.To register and vte this fall.

6.And to find 10-25 people to take this same pledge and see that they register and vote.


(This article does not convey my political preference one way or the other.)

Becky is concerned for our country and her children.