What Can We Do For God?

WE can pray for all the people in the world that need our prayers.  Hopefully it will work. Action may work in many cases.

Jesus suffered a lot of pain for us in olden times. In today’s world people everyday are suffering. I know Jesus never promised us a rose garden. Some folks (including children) don’t know where their next meal will come from in our own city. I think about Jesus saying  he is the resurrection and the life. The point is that Jesus never promised to rescue us from pain. Pain is a part of life. We must remember that as people,  and we know people in severe pain; some are dying. Life is full of pain, suffering, happiness, and all the other emotions that go with living a full life. (Isn’t that why they call it Life?)

Are we all God’s flesh on earth?  We were made by some supreme being and miracle.  How will we serve our earthly purpose? What difference will we make in the lives of others?

There are different kinds of God’s. The God of Materialism sticks in my mind. We are in a state of crisis with 63% of the school systems in MN borrowing money to pay their bills. Should we combine  school systems, cut  the budget or slash the compensation or over pay the superintendent?

People continue to rack up their credit card bills. Wants have become more important than needs.

Lots of people are becoming more obese from poor diets, unhealthy food, and lack of exercise. Sitting too much at the computers too much and not moving. has not helped.  (Well as some one say that fat  is bought and paid for.)

The government has over spent as well. Know is the time to tighten up our belts and change. I mean really, really change.  Some folks think that everything will disappear but I doubt that it will. It’s like an excessive credit card bill that you can’t get the balance down on it.  I hope for our hearts sake the economy will get better. We need to have hope in our heart.

People should become more compassionate for others and ask what they can do to help. 

I wonder where the devil is today. Do you think we can even recognize he is amongst us? Is he trying to alter our path on how we live and think? Money mongering is an example of plain greed.

There is a lot of  important stuff we need to wrap our heads around in this world. Somethings we can understand and other things we cannot understand.

I think about all those people who will suffer, if our government shuts down. There will not be any fluffy good health care. Where will the real meat and potatoes be? There won’t be any meat and potatoes.  Can we skip the veggies or fiber and still have people survive? Will people die off because they don’t have health coverage? Didn’t I read somewhere that 178,000 people could lose their health insurance in MN with cuts? (Either that or I dreamt it.) We cannot kick people to the curb as a society. People, all people matter.

Many of us have paid the price for over indulging. I say everyone should find an answer down here as to their purpose on earth, think about the here after and what they can do to help others. As Denny Anderson says….Good Night, and Be Kind….. (He means kind to others.) Don’t you feel that way when you visit the cemetery? All the lives of people who lived, and they are know in a grave. Some lived a full life, others died young, and others died from diseases that could of been prevented.

The government need to come up with “a great cocktail of ideas”  and then rank order the cuts. What do we need the most? What can’t we live with out? What are the true needs, and what are fluffy wants? These are two different things.

Transparency and accountability are important. Paint  the picture in our minds. Governement needs to let us as citizens be able to wrap our heads around it. I think there should be created charts at the state and federal level of “the needs” and “the wants”  in society.  Maybe everyone should vote on them. Maybe we need more polls and more surveys.  When we cut our budgets at home the first thing to go is usually the fluff. We put food on the table for our family, we pay our bills, and if we have money left over we take care of some of the wants. Shouldn’t government be the same? We need a substainable budget at home and at the goverment level.

The only way to skin the cat is to make everything transparent and accountable as we do in our homes.

We think of Jesus or God as the center of our faith. Some faiths don’t believe in the Trinity. Whatever you believe is important. People should be important; basic humanity,  saving lives, and helping people to have the necessities of life. Supply the needs and later the wants will come about.