Breast Cancer Action

The Breast Cancer Action fund is one that works toward putting the patient first over the pharmaceutical industry. (Sorry my previous pharmacy students.) Patients don’t want gene patenting. They want healthy environments. BCA is demainding that Eli Lily stop producing the cancer linked artifical hormone rBGH. The want to eliminate the social inequities and social injusitices that  effect genetics or personal decisons. Some of these  inequities have lead to breast cancer incident and outcomes.

This is Peggy Anderson Publishing, and I support this non-profit 100%.

Breast Cancer Action cares about your health and your families health in the future.

Before you give a dime, a dollar or five dollars, ask yourself:   Are you  funding the right organizations? The right research? The right programs? You may be wondering what you are donating to and if you asked the right questions. Then did you get the right answer when you asked the question? Is it something that is already free in our community, our state, or nationally?  Are you funding  someone’s salary? Who is paid a salary?  How much are they paid? Who are their sponsors?  Is the money raised for building up an organization’s assets, while people are struggling? Do you see the transparency? Can you see the financial records on line?

I know every year my huband and I have become more and more picky. We are tired of non-profit moneies being wasted, money being raised to build up assets for that organization, and being raised for the plain wrong reasons while many are suffering.