Cancer Research Is At Risk

Cancer Research is at risk of being cut in this country for the fiscal year of 2012.

The National Breast Cancer Coalition has lobbying since 1993 for breast cancer research monies. Over $2.5 billion dollars has gone to fund breast cancer research across this country.

The DoD Breast Cancer Research Program is part of the Deparment of Defense. It is called Dod BCRP program.  This is a program that is transparent, accountable, very frugal and successful in this country.

In MN we have had a lot of money goes to The Mayo Clinic and the University of MN. These are two research centers that will be servely hurt by these cuts. Since the year of inception 26 million dollars in research monies has gone to MN. If we were to lose research monies in Minnesota it will hurt the medical community and the patients that they serve who Hope for a cure to cancer.

There are people out there, especifically the Appropriations Committee that wants to eliminate it.

This Congressional Directed medical Research Program includes the DoD, BCRP and other research programs for diseases as prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, and leukemia. Cancer Research is more important than ever in this country with the high rates of cancer.

Write your letters today to your representatives. You should especially write to Jenn Holcomb, Rep. McCollum’s health legislative assistant.