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Be our friend on facebook. We want you to “Like Us.” We have a facebook page, recently created. Check it out. We need likes, not licks or kisses.

You can also find us our “Twitter” account on Our Board of Directors pages.

Do you want to listen to some great “You Tube videos” and music that some of our donors are donating to our September CD?

Click on this link and look for the Pin Ribbon donors/ Hope CD donors. Sit back and relax and enjoy the beautiful music. (I will be adding some additional links this week, so just keep checking back.)  This CD will have newly recorded music not on our website as well. That’s the great surprise. These are talented musicians in The Twin Ports/Region. All from Duluth/Surperior orginally on here. Please support them by buying their CD’s and music. They are giving from their heart.

You can be a Partner in Hope donor. We offer permmenant advertising on our website with your link. We do this to value our donors.

Who are we? We provide block grants to breast cancer patients in northern MN and northern Wisconsin based on financial distress and specific criteria. We pay the money directly to the provider for bills related to breast cancer, including lyphemdema, dental (chemo), prescriptions related to related breast cancer drugs,  and even reconstruction.

We don’t have an advertising budget. No one is paid a salary with our oganization. We are a grass roots bunch of volunteers, many breast cancer survivors who have good health insurance. We know what it is like to not have help insurance because we have friends and team members who have struggled and fought the fight.

How can we help you if you are a cancer patient? Just go to our Resources link which is at least 10 pages long with new links being added all the time. All the links to click on are right there.

If you have other diseases these links will be helpful as well. Check it out because there are links on there for healthy people as well.