Throat Cancer On The Rise

I  don’t know if you watched Diane Sawyer on ABC tonight. She told us about cell phones and directed the audience to the ABC website that talks about the new classification of cell phones.

Cervical cancer is often caused by HPV and young women get this vaccine. In the mean time back at the ranch, throat cancer has increased in this country from the same virus. There are 6,700 with this virus that have caused throat cancer, and this is a 50% increase in throat cancer. Cancer of the throat in increasing in both men and women. Men are at more risk.

What are the symptoms? lump, difficulty swallowing, a sore throat. If caught early enough it can be cured according to Dr. Richard Besser on ABC.

Gosh, I wish they would talk about gout, high uric acid caused from a high proten diet. I know my father use to get gout. I have known other men who have gotten it as well. I was just thinking about it today as I got a survey from the Mayo Clinic yesterday about red meat in my diet. My blood is an a human genome study there. Many of us were raised on the meat and potatoes diet.  Meat eaters who have been raised meat eaters have a hard time laying off the meat. I told a manager of a restaurant last night that fact. We were having a discussion about men eating too much meat. His wife is a pharmacist, and I was educating one of my pharmacy students on fact this year; a true lover of meat and more meat.