Park Hill Cemetery Needs Our Help

Today we went up to the cemetery with our planted cemetery baskets. We made a donation to Park Hill. I signed up to be on their mailing list and picked up their flyer. I was looking at what was written at the very top under the picture on their bulletin.  It reminded me of all the peaceful moments at the cemetery. We had relatives that made it more of a pilgrimage than we have done in recent years. The grounds are a way to find peace, serenity, and reflect. 

These cemeteries are in need of  our help. Any financial amount they receive will bring a sense of gratefulness to this non-profit organization. 

- The roads need to be repaired. Maybe you can start a “Road Repair Fund ” in someone’s name.

-Stones need to be cleaned.

-Stones need weeds pulled and rock put around them.

-Stones need to be fixed and re-installed. There was one by a relatives that was completely upheaved out of the ground. Two strong men could walk away with it.

-Some people actually can’t afford or are physically unable to take care of their stones. Some people have graves without stones. Create a fund called Stoneless in someone’s name to replace missing Stones. I know we have a relative without a stone. This distant relative is from hundreds of years ago.

I think work crews should have to put in some time there. We give way too many things for free and expect nothing in return.  Maybe it would be something scout troop or service organization could do.

It would be nice if there were a few picnic tables there.

 We picked up our flag for a relatives stone, brought baskets to relatives gravesides and visited other relatives in thought.

I was appalled that dogs and geese do their business anywhere they choose. Granted we have not control over geese but dogs that go right on people’s stones makes it unconsciousnessable.

I met a man 89 years old that has a sail boat on Lake Superior. I think he has more spunk than me. He had gone on the Honor Flight to DC revently and that’s how we struck up a conversation. I had told him I saw the power point on it at Kiwanis and how excited I was for these World War II vets. Also a few weeks ago we went to Arlington Cemetery when in DC.  My Uncle went on the Honor Flight last year at 89.  We talked about the upcoming Honor Flight in October for World War II vets, and he told me he was going to make a donation to it.

Park Hill Cemetery Association

2500 Vermilion Road

Duluth, MN 55803


This donation is tax deductible.