Mayor Ness

I can’t believe that elections are going to be underway this fall. I was looking at a wedding magazine and saw an article about our first lady of Duluth and Don Ness, pictures of their wedding. It was a great article. Now three children later, Laura still looks great. Owen was their last child.

Don has grown from looking young to looking older.  I don’t see any gray hair though. We haven’t age him that much folks.

He loves working for the city of Duluth and serving the community. I can remember when he came into office and how it seemed that our city would have to almost file bankrupcy. As a citizen I was worried about the imbalanced budget.  He helped to overcome the structurally imbalanced budget and made cuts locally because there was a short fall of money from the state.

The culture was changed in city hall. Business plans, performance management and customer service training and more accountability to the community became common place. Efficiency took place in city hall. The overfunded liablity retiree health care reform ($143 million) was dealt with that was bankrupting the city of Duluth. I could never understand how people could get life time health insurance when teachers, also employees of the state and community run out in 4 years after retiring.

Don worked on the problem with sewer overflows that were a real problem in this city. We are an old city built on hills with old plumbing and an old sewer system.

Granted I don’t like the pot holes but 100 miles of city streets are being improved within five years. I am so happy that Glenwood is underway. Let’s have a neighbhood party over it. Maybe a taconite hot dish party.

The Ness family has brought youngness to our community. Is there such a word as youngness? More young folks are staying in Duluth according to Drew Dixby, economic forcaster. Do we have the yongest mayor in the country?