Regional Labor Anaylst Speaks At Kiwanis

Drew Dixby spoke about the economy. One must tell both stories, the good and the bad.  Some folks are living on the Wings of Hope or is it that Hope needs to have wings? We know many friends and family that are unemployed. They are hungry to have a job, a purpose, and be paid what they so deserve to be paid. These are the toughest of times for many people. We have to support our  family and friends.

We are no worse than other places in the state. In fact, MN is doing better, and Duluth is doing better. We don’t have tornadoes, earthquakes, etc.

There have been some changes in the conomy. For example there are less manufacturing. We have gotten better and more stream lined.  Right now 1 out of 20 people get a job in this area.

As far as transporation jobs there are fewer people getting jobs in this area.  I was thinking of all that we use to teach kids in the high school, so many choices. This has all flown by with the wind. I am glad I was a teacher when I was a teacher and the students I had were gifted with so many choices. I am unsure my son in law with a transporation degree and graduates this week will get a job around here. Let’s have some Hope with Wings.

We all know those people in the middle that are under and over qualified in our city.

Mining has imporved on the Range. Let’s give that a round of applause. I can’t type and make my hands do that trick.

Health care takes up 30% of the economy and 1/3 of the people work in long term health care. This includes extended care, the handicapped and such. Is there more money to be made in this arena? Duluth is a great place for long term care.

The good story is that the role of government is changing, there are less jobs in this area. There are an increase in computer jobs, more folks going and getting higher education degrees.  Unfortunately these college grads are not getting jobs and are leaving college with severe debt.

There are still lack of manufacturing jobs.

The older seniors are moving to Hermantown, Arizona, or Florida. They made money and have that choice.

The task force of 25-34 year olds has grown by 10% in Duluth.

Unfortunately 1/3 of health care play is less than $10.00 an hour and just a little over poverty.

It is cheaper to buy houses in Duluth, yet the rent is more. than the cities. How can that change?

What should people do without jobs? They should pick up certifications at Lake Superior College, and  find ways to get to work other than a broken down car.

Hospital jobs are changing. They lay off 200 and hire back 250 in odd type jobs. Two year nursing jobs have more openings than RN jobs unfortunately.

Should we hire those that are hunger to work?

Should we be doing back ground checks on people for mistakes they had in high school or college?

A data company will be moving to  Duluth.