Waiting For A Friend To Call

Church was fun today. I looked like Phyllis Diller according to my husband because my hair blew all over from the wind.

Pastor Carlson spoke today. I sure love Pastor Carlson.  It was about The Lord is My Shepherd. My grandma recited this psalm over and over when she had cancer before died. He was talking about good shepherds and bad shepherds. He even talked about those who steal the sheep. There are those who care for their sheep and really know their sheep. Each sheep has its own story; it’s own tale to tell.  All flocks can improve when they have good shepherds. Jesus was a God like  shepherd. We should listen to his word.

Did you know that we use to hear 3,000 messages per day from all media sources? Today we  hear 10,000 messages. Everyone is competing for our attention.  We have to sort through the messages, the knowledge, and the spirituality. What does God want fom us? When we partner with him we help to bless the world with goodness. Are you a good shepherd or a bad shepherd?