Fluffy Good Health

What is it like to have fluffy good health?

I would think it would be having normal blood levels, not being overweight, being physically fit, and feeling super charged every morning when you wake up at the crack of dawn. I use to be that way. Right know I feel that if I fell into the water I could maybe not swim but float. I am looking for summer to spend more time in the pool. Maybe I will lose some weight by moving and groving.

What shall we eat today that is organic, healthy, not full of toxins and pesticides? I am going to the Port City Luncheon today. (It’s a volunteer organization that has existed for uncountable years. I use to be on the board for several years.) I am sure they will have great food. My husband is a greeter today for another service organization.

I am inspired as I am going to get my locks cut. I hope she can fix my droopy hair. Straight hair is so hard to make curley. I envy my husband with curly locks.

Last night I accidentally broke the toilet handle. What next?

I just want some fluffy good health today.