The Way, Journey, & Faith

How do we see Jesus? Can we see him, recognize him, feel him, or believe in him?

I hear he has olive colored skin. I remember an old friend of mine and colleague showing me a picture of Jesus being a man of color.  

Was he 33 when he died on the cross for our sins? Sins, we all have sins. We are sinful by nature.

Not everything can be explained; we have seen that in physics. We cannot explain the miracle of birth and then there is death that becomes a reality, and it is often really hard to take. Lots of times we have not prepared our minds for the death of a loved one.  People often have a hard time with mysteries and miracles.  We cannot explain Jesus away and the miracle of all that goes on everyday in our world.

We need to believe in original sin. It seems everything is made sense of in the media. It is black or white? Does someone always have an answer? Whose the Democrat or the Republician? Whose rich or whose poor? 

God’s world is full of color, many hues. Is Jesus in your journey or is someone else in your journey? Do you bring your dark side to light with inspiration and faith?

Are we so stuck in our world we can’t look at other countries and other parts of the world? Men and women are greater than the sum of themselves and their here and now locally. In other parts of the world people live for their tribes and clan. They will lie, kill and do anything to be part of their cult.

It’s really weird these three plane instances recently. Chance? Cult? Wackos?

We are all going through a journey in life. We have to believe and have faith in someone, something, or some spiritual power. Those who are narcissistic and just love themselves have a hard time loving others. They can’t see or believe beyond themselves.

We have a good side and an evil side. Let the good overtake the evil.

I have to laugh at a friend of mine who showed us a picture of her aunt. It was a very old picture with a bun on her head, spiked. If you turned the picture her eyes lite up and her teeth had fangs. Well you know that was a joke. She tried to fool her mother by hanging it on a wall gallery in her dining room. How fun that must of been. I wish I would of been there.  I laughed and laughed on Sunday about it.

We hear about that book Three Cups of Tea and a women who wanted to teach her son peace. I have since heard that the author is being investigated. I have not read the book, so who am I to comment. I wonder why they are investigating her. I thought this was a great book.