Blood Glucose Testing

Did you know that 70-130 mg/dL before meals is in the normal range and that it should be less than 180/dL 1-2 hours after a meal? What does this mean? I don’t have diabetes, so I know less than most about it. I have friends who have diabetes.

I read these statements and was thinking about someone who turned their blood sugar readings around in one amazing way. Who helped this person turn it around? Dr. Berquist located at 1823 Belknap in Superior. Yes, he is a chiropractor. His phone number is 1.715.392.4078. He got someone else to lose weight and helped someone with a buldging disk. The person that told me he can only speak highly of this chiropractor. I know they are taking some supplements. Lower blood surgar, losing weight, no more back pain, and healthier life styles.