Whose Been Eating Goldilocks Porridge?

We have heard for years about eating oatmeal because it helps to cleans out our bodies pipes by reducing our cholesterol. I can barely eat cheese thinking of what it does to my arteries. (Where did that come from? I was just thinking how much I use to love to play mouse and eat cheese. Oatmeal causes people to lose weight or at least some people feel because it is cleaning out the bodies pipes.  Goldilocks wouldn’t care if you were eating her porridge, especially if it helped you to be healthier.

There is a pectin that one can dissolve into a gel to move the cholesterol out of your body. I briefly read about it. What’s this stuff? Where do you buy it? Did you know that it is suppose to help those people who are insulin resistant? That could be those cancer folks as well. Whenever you have lots of treatments for cancer it can affect your metabolism, and you can get metabolic disorder. It might be worth researching out.

Omega 3 fats are suppose to clean  those arteries. as well. Don’t eat too much. The cat may follow you around the huse.

Flaxseed is high in fiber and lowers your cholesterol as well.  I know a few cancer patients that swear by it. In any case, always research and talk to your doctor about making changes to your prescription and over the counter regime. Flax seed is suppose to help with elimination, reverse your kidney damage and even helps those folks with lupus. Some say to buy prepared flax seed to get the most benefit from it. Ask and ask. We need to be our own best advocate.

Did you know that colon cancer is on the rise? 1 Brazil nut a day may prevent colon cancer. Okay, who has eaten only Brazil nut a day and has never gotten colon cancer? I know you must be out there. Brazil nuts are rich in selenium and thought to help prevent prostate cancer too.  Selenium is thought to help in colon cancer prevention as well.

Prostate cancer patients besides eating selenium should eat watermelon and pink grapefruit (but not with certain pills). Don’t you wish that everything was so magical? Where is that fairy princess that can sprinkle miracles on us and change us from naughty to good, unhealthy to healthy?

Okay Goldilocks, go to bed, wake up and make some more oatmeal porridge for breakfast. Add some flax seed, some blueberries on it while you at it. Remember that the value of blueberries study was tested on pigs. Are they healthier from the study?