Savers Now Has A Club

Savers in Duluth gives money to the Veterans Association. They have 3 steps to become a member. First you can sign up online for their club card. Then you print out the confirmation page. Thirdly you bring it in to a participating store and get your card along with a 25% off discount coupon.

Remember Tuesday is Seniors day, and you get 20% off at Savers. 

They are going to recognize their members with special events, member only coupons, E-Newsletters, have a special birthday offer, exclusive online content and contests and much more.

Don’t forget to donate to Savers. Start your spring cleaning. If you haven’t used it, get rid of it.

 Also Goodwill that helps the handicapped in our town needs your belongings.  No TV’s and computers.

The Salvation Army is really in need of your belongings as well. Their shelves are getting bare.  I heard they really need a lot of household stuff with so many people trying to make ends meet.