Senior Computer Education

The following are popular search engines:

Website Endings:

.com means commercial

.org means a non-profit organization

.gov is goverment of course

.edu is education

.net is commercial

.info is information


Always use a program to scan your computer. There are people who have viruses attached to your e-mail. Do not open attachments that are not familar to you. Open only e-mail attachments from trusted people or organizations.


This is when someone tries to get your personal information, social security, password, bank account, credit card account numbers, etc. These are scams. Your bank and credit card company does not e-mail you or call you on the phone. There may be exceptions to this rule but I doubt it.  Report questional websites and phishing to The Minnesota Attorney General

Free E-mail Services:

Social Network Sites:

For more information call the Senior LinkAge Line at 1.800.431.2500 or visit