Lake Superior Zoo

Have you been to the zoo lately?  Our Lake Superior Zoo is the gateway to the wild.  Really it is. 

We have the zoo train depot and playground, zoo central, Griggs Learning Center,  the barnyard, primate conservation center, noctural building, island exhibit, polar shores, snow leopard/siberian  lynx, Willard Munger Animal Care Center, Northern Territitories, African Lion, pavilion, bald eagle and red tailed hawk, Austrialian connection. 

The zoo train runs from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. daily except between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend.

Get a zoo membership. It’s $35.00 for an individual, a family is $55.00 as is a grand parent. A conservationist is $80.00. There is also a $15.00 plus one that can be applied for an additional person. A membership is good for one year, can’t be used for fundraisers and you can use it at 120 zoos and aquariums across the country. If you travel, you should get one. You also get a free wagon or stroller to use if they are available. There are discounts at the gift shop, you get the Wild Times news letter, and much more.

I wonder when the Easter Egg hunt is. I use to love to volunteer for that event. So many kids. So much fun.

The Lake Superior Zoo is located at:

7210 Fremont St. Duluth, Mn 55807


I’m sure they are in need of donations and maybe certain items.

There is the Tiger’s Paw Gift Shop that you will love as well. Bring some change to spend.

What about Safari Cafe for lunch? Or you can try the vending machines.

The zoo has gone eco friendly.