Damiano has a need for lots of volunteer opportunities to build a stronger community and serve people in need.

You can volunteer at the Soup Kitchen. Contact Maria Greene at info@damianocenter.org or call 722-8708

You can volunteer at the Kid’s Cafe. Contact Laurel Sanders at wnorgren@damianocenter.org or call 727-1834

There is the Damiano Scial Services that has a need for personal hygiene products for give aways. Contact Wendy Norgreen, a specialists in this area at 727,1834 or Email her at wnorgren@damianocenter.org

Damino Clothing program: They have two free clothing programs. One is the Clothing Exchange and then there is Clothes that Work. They also have free give aways once a month and these items need to be cleaned up. For inforamtion all Patti Nadeau at 722.5247 or e-mail her at: pnadeau@damianocenter.org

Damiano Center

206 West Fourth Street

Duluth, MN 55806


Contact them about clothing donations, etc.