Walgrens, Walk With Them

Walgrens even has a “Walk with Walgreens program,”  where healthy steps lead to healthy savings. The website is: www.walgreens.com/walk

I bring this up because we have pharmacy students who graduated or who are interning at Walgrens. They feel that walking is rewarding. It’s time to take the stairs, instead of the elevator. It’s time for you to use your feet to make a smaller footprint in this world. It’s time to walk, when you run an errand. It’s time to stroll instead of sitting on a seat. That’s their motto. So walk with them. You can log in and take part by walking, logging in, and getting rewards.

 Joan Lunden is promoting this program as “Walk with Joan.” You can text her by texting “Walk” to 21525.

I think it is interesting that with 10,000 steps, walking 5 miles you burn 472 calories. We need to take the pledge. Maybe we should walk and talk or walk and listen to music.  I heard some where that 2/3’s of our country is obese.That is really scary because obesity does create cancer, diabetes and the list goes on.  We need to avoid foods that increase our poor health. I say stand up and be counted.

In their brochures it says, “The true charm of pedestrianism does not lie in the walking, or in the screnery, but in the talking.”-Mark Twain

They tell you to walk 30 minutes per day, even it is with a friend.

Drink more water. Our body is made of water and it needs losts to survive and thrive. We need water to flush our the toxins. Older people don’t drink enough water. Don’t get brittle, drink water. 

Joan Lunden has tips to follow:1.Make an offer. 2.Make a date. 3.Change your mind set. 4.Play. 5.Get distracted. 6. Skip the quickets and the closest. 7.Explore. 8. Ditch e-mail for walk mail. 9. Even a silly goal is a goal. To find out what these mean you will have to pick up the pamphlet. .

Get a pedometer. Just think of it this way, what we don’t eat will go to starving people in other parts of the world. Demand less and more may go elsewhere, or at least we hope so. Less disease in our country means we can help more people dying in 3rd world countries.

Walgrens soon will have the Biggest Loser products soon.

Go to the Tortoise and Hare for shoes that will help you walk and walk. Make every step count.