Duluth Children’s Musuem

There is a program free and open to the public on Friday April 29th from 6:30-9:00 p.m. at the Duluth Depot Great Hall. Multi-instrumentalist Todd Green will perform orginal music in over 30 acoustic strings, flute, percussion instruments from all over the world, but he is inspired by many cultures in the Middle East. He is a high tech one man band in the World of Music.

This activity is funded by the Minnesota arts and culture heritage fund.


506 West Michigan Street, Duluth 55802


Summer Programs: They have some great summer programs for kids starting June 13th: Books Alive, Budding Naturalists, Creative Station, Dino Days, KIDvestigate, Take Apart, Take Apart Art, Toddler Time, Wonder Weekends, and Small, Smaller, Nano. Check out these wonderful programs at differetnt days of the week and differerent ages.