Teens And Their Risky Habits

We have known for a long time that young drivers are involved in a lot of accidents.

1.This is what we should talk to our teens about: Looking away from the road for 2 seconds can double your chance of a crash as a teen. Distractions like cell phones kills some 6,000 drivers each year.

What to do: have an ignition on/off cell phone or use a new device that can jam cell phone signals in a car. I know I even worry with my husband talking on a cell phone. I often don’t answer the cell phone because it takes all of my concentration to focus and drive.

2.For every 10 mph over 50 mph you double your chance of death or serious injury. In 1 out of 3 deaths, speeding is the cause. Get your teen to drive within the speed limit at all times.

If there are cell phones with speed limits that could help. Always be a great role model as a parent. Speeding tickets are costly and raise students insurance. Some students become uninsurable.

3.When you have a friend in the car your chances of being in an accident increase by four times. Using TV, iPod, CD players, and TV can cause one to not focus while driving as well.

AAA has a parent-teen driving contract that you can have your teens sign after a lengthy discussion.

I read an article by the AAA Foundation on Traffic Safety that funded more than 200 research projects on traffic safety. One was on teens. To check out my source go to: www.TeenDrivingAAA.com